"Benjamin Irish, love him or hate him, he has had an effect on a major American Company"             -PULSE TV


Benjamin Irish, a pro se counter-claimant in a $104,000,000 Federal Constitutional Rights trial against executives of a Fortune 500 Company has twice requested default judgment and is now ready to bring their executives to the stand to answer charges of violating Title 18 USC 246 (Conspiracy to Violate Rights).

September 9, 2016 -- Facebook REINSTATES Benjamin Irish! The number one social media and content carrier in the world proves once again how it is paving the way for Freedom of Expression by denying unwarranted attempts to censor the discussion of basic rights. "FACEBOOK HAS DEFENDED FREEDOM AND SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THE WORLD OF WHAT A TRULY INTERNATIONAL COMPANY SHOULD REPRESENT." --Benjamin Irish




Para America Latina:

Way Pa Facebook!!! Facebook restituye Benjamin Irish! El portador número uno de los medios sociales y contenido en el mundo demuestra una vez más la forma en que está allanando el camino para la Libertad de Expresión, negando los intentos injustificados para censurar la discusión de los derechos básicos. "Facebook ha defendido la libertad y servir de ejemplo para el mundo de lo que una empresa internacional debe representar." --Benjamin Irish



August 22nd, 2016, NEW YORK, NY -- Facebook Inc. suspended Benjamin Irish's pages following a complaint that the material on his pages was in violation of policies, a strange departure from normal practice, as the book "Margarita's Millions", the film footage and other materials are fully protected under the First Amendment.
    Just days earlier, attorneys for CBS/Showtime Television signed-in to Federal Court case 1:15-CV-05348 SDNY 2015. After over a year of "dodging service", executives finally appeared with representation when faced with default judgment motions and a request by Irish for the court to have U.S. Marshals issue summons upon their executives, who Irish is countersuing in a wild debacle for Conspiracy to Commit Constitutional Rights Violations.
    The CBS talent agent Jonathan Baram, his brother Damon, Producer Joseph Frye and Margarita Dominguez are all named to the $104,000,000 lawsuit, as well as others. Irish revealed documented Constitutional Rights Violations by the parties against him in a history making countersuit that shows an elaborate set-up to hide fraud and abuse in the entertainment business that came from the offices of the highest-level executives in the embattled company. When they discovered their producer Joseph Frye had issued limited rights to Irish to air footage from a pilot being used as a "template project", they went after Irish and tried to destroy him. They tried to put him in jail. They threatened to murder him and his family with guns and even bombs, but he captured it all in 30,000 pages of evidence and hundreds of hours of video footage, the whole elaborate ruse, meant to screw the actors.
    A precipice moment in the struggle arrived when CBS talent agent Jonathan Baram lost his composure and began to threaten Irish during a pre-emptive trial, revealing his position in the carefully coordinated vindictive prosecution, and having such noted on the docket by an Assistant District Attorney in open-court.
    The lawsuit and criminal sanctions requests from Irish, who is representing himself Pro Se in the Federal Court come amid hard times for the money-losing media giant. Following major battles that shook the $6 Billion public company to it's core, this matter, which Irish claims is "Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media on Steroids", CBS initially failed to respond to good service for over 350 days. Irish claims the countersuit, the book and soon-to-be released documentary film are the reason Matthew Blank was demoted from company CEO to a board member of Showtime Television, and replaced by David Nevins. (He has printed a series of emails in his book that show him advising Nevins to clean up the company by ridding it of Blank.)
    The saga alleges a high level, Bernie Madoff-like investment scam meant to gain advantage over those with a passion to produce and perform, and "feed the monster" with a bait and switch scam, promising young talent fame and fortune, and then asking them to invest in film festivals, some that the company executives and affiliates sit on the boards of.
    "I am hanging above their heads like the Sword of Damocles" said Irish, "a shearing blade ready to slice through the malfeasance suspended only by a horse's hair."
    The book debuted April 9th at The Los Angeles Times International Book Festival. It's content is received, approved and disseminated by some of the most well-respected Constitutional Rights scholars in the world. It is considered a seminal David versus Goliath work, the little guy that stood up to the big corporation, and brought them to their knees.
    The Federal Court Docket system has revealed some of the more intrinsic Constitutional Rights arguments of our age, and legal scholars have praised the potency of Irish's legal arguments. To review notable content, click here.
    The CBS producer Joseph Frye launched a pre-emptive legal strike against Irish over a project called "Homeless; A Love Story", and used a series of bogus DMCA and other takedown notices to destroy the producer in the entertainment business, and censor his political speech. Irish has since asked the Federal Court to order Facebook to reveal the source of the most recent suspension to assist law enforcement in determining violations of Title 18 USC 246.


In the age of protest and the activist investor comes a book that is a solid game changer. Benjamin Irish will reveal on April 9th and April 10th the true cause behind the departure of Showtime TV's figurehead Matthew Blank for the entire world to see at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Join us as we present the greatest scandal since Benrie Madoff before the largest collection of media and the press in Southern California. To read the book now go to Kindle Unlimited here: http://amzn.com/151967547X


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LOS ANGELES--April 9, 2016; Benjamin Irish, author of "Margarita's Millions" delivered a powerful message of protest and investor activism to CBS/Showtime Networks as he called for the prosecution of company executives at the largest literary festival in the world.


Irish spoke of what he claims are civil rights violations, including freedom of speech and press restrictions while attendees and students at The University of Southern California were issued free copies of the tell-all book, a true story, and asked to spread word that "the underdog needs to stand up in the face of intimidation and fight back.


Sporting a baseball bat with the word "ambition" painted on it, controversy ebbed and flowed throughout the day as Irish discussed what is known as a "template project" that he claims was meant to steal intellectual property amid a backdrop of evidence printed on large poster-boards, including photos of a CBS talent agent pointing guns down camera-phone lenses and issuing threats against Irish and his talent, as well as emails between Irish and the new CEO of Showtime, David Nevins, which Irish claims are the reason the former CEO Matthew Blank, was given a "promotion demotion" to the company's board.

Irish made serious claims against Mr. Blank, and urged the idea of having him criminally charged for crimes relating to corporate fraud.

Irish displayed documents that he states links the embattled television network executives to a massive fraud "meant to hurt the actors and steal their property", and issued a password protected website to the media, MargaritasPress.com


Over 1,000 Facebook subscribers attempted to friend Benjamin Irish following the event, causing Facebook to remove the page.


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