An open letter to The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to block the CBS-Viacom Merger in the Interests of The American People

October 10, 2016
New York, NY

The CBS-Viacom Merger MUST be blocked because CBS Executives and their FINRA Compliance Officers are facing a Federal Summons to answer for Constitutional Rights Violations that could put them in prison for decades, exposes their stock valuation as bogus, reveals direct abuse of process of The United States Government that hurts working Americans  and created a "pro rape environment" with their buddies at Fox to gain advantage in an investor fraud that makes the allegations against Donald Trump look like a kiss goodnight on a prom date.


Negligence so bad that not only might THOUSANDS sue them for these crimes which have no statute of limitations, but massive copyright filings by the participants could be revoked, plummet both their stock prices, and the actions that their executives Matthew Blank, David Nevins, Andrea Simon, Tom Cruthers and others engaged in is actually defined as illegal and "unlawful" in their business conduct agreement with FINRA.


And oh... Did we mention they committed these crimes ON CAMERA in approximately 100 hours of video footage featuring their compliance officers? And then released the rights to display the footage to the same people they conned?


On October 9th, 2016 CBS stock was down. It sits at around $51. It may sit at $50 after this letter is released. It may one day sit at 50 cents. The idea of a $100 stock valuation for CBS is a joke. The idea that a company so far behind against their competitors in the streaming marketplace would be able to effectively challenge companies that know what they are doing and built that business, like Netflix and Facebook, while having to answer to documented charges they took direct, purposeful and authoritative acts in violation of Title 18 USC 246 (Conspiracy to Violate Constitutional Rights), is as bogus as their business model, which will be proven in the weeks and months ahead to be massive fraud against hard working people like nothing that has been seen since Bernie Madoff.


A "Pump and Dump" Merger... CBS media divisions combine into money-losing pits. CBS is not in the TV business, they are in the TV investment business. They are also in violation of SEC laws, FINRA rules and FCC regulations, and could lose their broadcast licenses for this nonsense. Not like that will serve them well in prison...


Enough is enough. CBS has violated almost every single clause of their 2014 Business Conduct Agreement with FINRA after initiating it. It is a slap in the face to the regulatory authority, it flouts the SEC by name, and attempts to inform it's employees that the company holds influence over the United States Government. They even condone their employees threatening innocent people with guns and implied bomb threat to intimidate witnesses and victims, and then signed a notarized contract to pressure prosecutors which was discussed in open court.


The illegal business practices of the mega-media company pumped up on steroids for skimpy stocks, and the owners of divisions including SHOWTIME and FOX NEWS, have a decades long history of threatening those who refuse to stoop to their level and shaming them with lies and bogus vindictive prosecution. Now they have been caught. Now Justice will be served, and there is no way that their major-player CEOS and cronies can lead CBS into the future... from inside a prison cell.


Furthermore a book and documentary has been released that displays the evidence. For more information read the case here, and for the good of hard working Americans who rely on CBS investment products as parts of their pensions and 401k's, and the thousands of people who will lose their jobs when these companies merge to pump up a stock that will crash, tell FINRA to vote to block trading of CBS stock on the Financial Markets until their executives answer for their crimes. A CBS-Viacom merger would flout our justice system, terminate lower-middle class employees and hurt the retirement products for our hard-working Americans including police, teachers, and even Government officials. The stock should be suspended from Financial Markets until their executives reorganize this ticking time bomb corporation.



                s/ Benjamin Irish

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