Benjamin Irish, Candidate in Consideration for U.S. Ambassador to The Dominican Republic, announces documentary film "Mi Embajador", click link for a special preview.

A Historic Legal Battle. Irish wins first round of court battles; actress admits to conspiring with CBS producer, stage set for Federal Civil Rights lawsuit.

Benjamin Irish in Washington, DC, minutes after filing a historic request with the United States Supreme Court. "To violate one person's Rights is to violate every person's Rights." In affidavit, November 10, 2016.
They came after him. They threatened him. They tried to destroy his life. But he fought back, and revealed a criminal enterprise scheme associated with a major American company WITH DOCUMENTED PROOF. In an epic David versus Goliath battle an army of few has battled a team of thousands. One man, pro se, has fought hundreds of lawyers from one of the most powerful firms the world over, and is winning.
Benjamin Irish looked some of the most influential corporate executives in the world in the face, and they flicnhed. Some lost their jobs, a scandal rocked a $56 billion dollar company, and Irish put on record an amazing act against hard working Americans that effectively gives every single shareholder the right to sue this mega company -- all 356,000 FINRA member-brokers representing the hard working men and women of America.
Along the way he revealed a purposeful system of abusing Justice to silence their adversaries. Their henchmen were found to have long histories of this abuse, narcotics charges, rape charges, threats with guns and fraud against the Government... They came after Ben. He put it on the record. "I called them out before a body of their peers." Now they will have to answer to the highest authorities of the United States Government.
This incredible true story is documented in a book and film called "Margarita's Millions". To read more click on the links below. For up to the minute evidence, video releases and happenings, we encourage you to join us on Facebook by clicking on the link below.
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